The Wayback Machine — Versatility With Our Black Magic Basics

Because most of the designs I make are printed items, with patterns, and most of them are jackets and tops. I needed some basic pieces to go with them, building blocks.

My Black Magic line is made out of Lycra fabric, which is machine washable and dry-able. It looks and feels great. It holds its shape forever. It’s not too hot to wear in the summer, and can be worn in the winter. It’s the perfect basic piece of clothing.

I travel a great deal, and these pieces are fabulous for travel. They roll up small to fit in a carry-on. You can rinse them out in the sink. They don’t need to be ironed and always look great. They make the travel experience really easy. All you need are some scarves, jewelry, a couple of cute tops and jackets. It always looks good.

Black Magic Legging paired with Princess Top


The Leggings never pill. They fit well, and and make the legs look slim.


Black Magic Palazzo Pant paired with Cami Tank




The Palazzo pants are dramatic with a wide leg. They can be dressed up with a cute jacket or be casual with a cute crop top.







The Flair pants are great for thin legs. They’re thin at the thighs and flared at the bottom. They’re almost a throwback to the 1970s. They’re flattering, again dressed up a cute jacket or simpler with a more casual top.

Black Magic Flair Pants paired with Turtle Neck

There’s a chiffon top with a little, pleated bottom. It’s cute with the leggings or all of our pants. There’s an asymmetrical tank, a turtleneck, a princess top with a jewel neckline, a cami tank, a turtle tank, and a cute little chiffon top that’s in both black and white.

The pieces came in S, M, L, XL. You can browse (and buy) the full line of basics here.

When you use these basic items, all you need to add is a scarf, a piece of jewelry, a cute jacket.

I personally wear these every day. It makes getting dressed easy. I always look very put together.