The Wayback Machine — Cupcake’s Elephant Line

I’m going on a trip to Africa to see the orphan Elephant camp, sponsored by IFAW.

Planning the trip got me interested in making clothes to remind people how endangered this wonderful animal is. Like the whale, which is another gentle, intelligent creature that’s in trouble. I hope we can stoop this trend of killing beautiful animals.

Elephant Vest button detail


We wanted to make clothing people could actually wear. They can make a statement when they wear the clothes, without looking foolish. The clothes are meant to be interest and generate interest. When someone comments on the clothes, the wearer can say that some of the proceeds from the clothes go to fund elephant reserves and places like the elephant nursery.





The quote inside, “I am because you are” with the graphic of the mother and baby elephant reminds people of the mission to try to save these beautiful animals from being slaughtered for their ivory, leaving the baby elephants orphaned.




The fact that I work in Thailand is part of it, too. The elephant is a big symbol in Thailand. Even the government is involved in elephant protection. The whole conservation process interested me.