The Wayback Machine — Cupcake’s Yoga & Meditation Line Lets You Breathe







The pants are in black and white, crop pants with a wide leg, and comfortable.




The shirts are long-sleeved, cut long to fingertip length, and comfortable. The patterns on the shirts are the Tree of Life, Elephant, and the mantra “Breathe, Exhale.” The shirts are available with and without a hood.

They work for both yoga and meditation. There’s enough room to sit easily on your zaeu cushion to mediate or move through your yoga sequences.

The pieces are designed so they can be worn on the street as well as in the studio. The pieces are nice, roomy, stylish. You can wear the Black Magic Cami Tank (add link) underneath. If you’re taking a hot yoga class, you can strip off the top shirt and work in the cami.

I chose the quotes inside the garments that are uplifting, to make people think. When putting on clothing, the quotes can give the wearer a nice, positive start to the day, encourage them to do the best they can. They can look at the quote as they put on the garment, and it can stay with them all day.

If you see something positive as you put on your clothes (such as the quote), it changes your experience all day.