The Wayback Machine — Easter Memories

There’s nothing I like better than Peeps. I like them when they get hard as a rock. I just loved them!

By the time Easter rolled around, I was out of Halloween candy. I was getting desperate for more candy.


I liked the Cadbury eggs. I didn’t like those candies with the hard shells and the white filling inside. I bit the heads off the chocolate bunnies. I liked gumdrops. I just like candy!

I’d have to stretch out the Easter basket for a long time and not eat it all at once. If I was really behaving myself, it would last until the end of school. Then my mother would give me money so I could buy penny candy from the store in the summer. But not until school was out.

I loved my patent leather shoes. I would have loved to wear them every day to school if I could. With the white socks and the little blue coat and the cute dress. Those shoes were the highlight of everything. The clothes were not really appropriate for the weather.

Sometimes, my mother would take me to the sunrise service on Easter. That was always cold. But I didn’t have to wear my dress or my little blue coat. Those were only for church in the building.

But the service was quite a nice experience. It’s a reminder that the day is not about candy or patent leather shoes or a fancy dress. It’s about the real reason people celebrate Easter.

Protestants didn’t have the images of Jesus with the cross the way Catholics do. But the sunrise ceremony brought it all back, that it’s not about the candy.

Seeing a big wooden cross go up on the beach is dramatic. It gives you a different impression of what Easter is all about.