The Wayback Machine — Hints of Spring


One of the ways I knew it was almost spring was that I got a new pair of sneakers every spring. I got to pick them out. They were usually red or blue. Always Keds. I got new clothes.


The bad part of spring is that it’s still cold. You have your little blue coat and your patent leather shoes with the little white socks and the little hat. You go to church and are cold, cold, cold.


Before I bought the Oz building,I walked around it. I found snowdrops. I thought it was a really good sign to see them on the property.


Whatever survives the winter,the crocuses, the tulips — renews your faith that life goes on. It’s very promising to see the grass turn green.



The longer days, with more light, pick up everybody’s spirits. With the weather we’ve been having around here to start March, we need it!