The Wayback Machine — In the Workroom




Using combinations of patterns together to complement rather than clash isn’t as easy as it looks. If you’re not careful, you wind up looking like Steve Martin in The Jerk, wearing two different plaids.



You need to change things to create a new look. We try to stick to our roots with our Asian-inspired designs. But we have to bring new and interesting pieces to the line.



Turtle fabric with coco button

The pieces using the turtle fabric are in the color pictured, and also in a blue. The button is natural, made out of coconut shells. Sometimes we use the raw side, and sometimes the shiny side.






We’re using this telephone image on the cellphone pocket in our new shirts. Inside the shirt will be the quote “Ring Ring.” People will either love it or they won’t, but I couldn’t resist. You have to try new things.



The elephant beads will be used on top of the coconut button and the piece will be black.



The process is interesting, but it’s also hard work!