The Wayback Machine — Indigo

Ever since Cupcake started, our signature colors have been black, gray, and a little red. That’s what we could print, and people liked it.


We’re excited for a new look and a whole new color way for our collection.

Indigo pieces go with the casual fashion of blue jeans. And it gives our customers a break from continually wearing black and gray! It’s a refreshing new color experience for Cupcake. We have pieces in the darker indigo, and in a faded blue. The range is similar to the range of blue jeans, everything from the darkest blue to the lighter blue.


These pieces will look great with a crisp white shirt. We think our customers will welcome the change.

We made long jackets, cropped jackets, jackets with pleating, knits, combined with the regular cotton.


But the die-hards shouldn’t worry! We have a nice collection accompanying the blues in familiar blacks and grays!

When you know the history of the dye, indigo was one of the first ways to dye fabric (once they figured out how to weave fabric). That’s another element that makes this collection compelling, going way back into history. It’s interesting for everyone.

We added special tags to our indigo pieces that say:


An organic natural dye extracted from

a plant. One of the oldest used for coloring fabric


If you ask people for their favorite color, most will answer, “Blue.”

That’s probably why denim is so popular, and remains fashionable through the decades. Blue never goes out of style.

Our new indigo line will be popular with our customers.