The Wayback Machine — May Day: A Pocket Full of Posies

We didn’t do too much to celebrate May Day, but one of the things my mother and I used to do was find Mayflowers (trailing arbutus). They were wildflowers, sweet and small. Once you’ve smelled them, you’ll never forget it. They have the most beautiful pink or white blossoms.

One had to really hunt around. They’d be under pine needles. It was something that took effort, so if you received a bouquet of Mayflowers, it was a big deal.

It was similar to the hunt for Lady’s Slippers. But they always grew near the poison ivy, so whenever I went hunting for Lady’s Slippers, I came back with a case of poison ivy, too!

Fortunately, the May flowers didn’t grow in poison ivy patches.

I have a Mayflower bush at my house that smells exactly like those beautiful May flowers I remember from childhood. And, the Mayflower is the Massachusetts State Flower , which is special to me, here on Cape Cod.