The Wayback Machine — Men Waiting (Memories of the Oz Tent Sale)

Some of these men had been to the tent sale in previous years. This was not their first rodeo.

I give the men credit. It was during that hot, hot weather. The women would come into the tent. The men sat on the porch patiently drinking coffee from Nirvana. No one was impatient, or grouchy, or complaining.

I’m sure it helped that we blasted rock and roll music the whole time. I think they enjoyed it.

The men appreciated that their wives, girlfriends, and partners could buy a ton of clothes for a good price. They were happy that their wallets were’t that much lighter; the women were happy leaving with big bags of beautiful new clothes.

I was encouraged to extend the sale for another week. It was exhausting in the hot weather, and with the thunder, the lightning, the rain. My friends were working in the tent. Hopefully I still have some friends left!

We will have another sale. Next year. We thank everyone from their support. We love you all, enjoy your clothes, and see you next year!