The Wayback Machine: New York Adventures with Hot Dogs and Sensors

All New Yorkers know about Gray’s Papaya.  I’ve been working in New York since 1976, and always gone by it, but never had one of their famous hot dogs.

I’d gone to Bloomingdale’s Outlet. It was starting to rain. I went into Gray’s Papaya, and ordered a hot dog and a Coca Cola.  The Coke wasn’t as good as the ones I had in Africa!

I ate half the hot dog and threw it out. But at least I satisfied my curiosity.

By then, it was raining. As anyone who knows New York can tell you, when it’s raining, it’s hard to get a cab. Ever since 9/11, I don’t like being trapped underground on the subway.

I went to Century 21 discount designer fashion. There’s a cacophony of languages there, because so many people who visit New York from all over the world come to shop at Century 21.

I bought a raincoat, because I figured, it’s raining, it’s hard to get a cab, I might be standing out there for awhile.

But I managed to get a cab and I went to see Beautiful, the Carole King musical on Broadway. Which was wonderful.

I was sitting in the theatre, and I saw that they hadn’t taken the sensor off. I paid for the coat, I promise!

When I got back to the hotel, I asked two of the big guys working in the lobby to help. They couldn’t get it off. I told them I didn’t care if they ripped it. They took it in the back, but whatever they tried didn’t work.

I went upstairs, determined to figure it out. 

First, I tried the lid on the ice bucket. It didn’t work.

Then, I realized that there was a wine/beer bottle opener in the mini-bar. I used that, and got it off. I was so proud of myself, brains won over brawn!

I don’t even like that coat much anymore!