The Wayback Machine–October Leaves


By the start of October, we’re well into the swing of the school year.

Every day gets darker and darker.

It makes us feel like we’ll never the sun again; it’ll be a long time until we have fun again, running through the sprinklers, drinking Kool-Aid, running barefoot and playing.

Winter looms.

Halloween is a looooong way away, because it’s at the end of the month!

We have homework every day. I have to review my spelling words.  Nothing is fun.

My mother, who was always fun and entertaining, took us to pick leaves. Maple leaves were beautiful, in those dark reds.The oak leaves were different colors. We knew to avoid the poison ivy leaves! 

We’d take them home. My mother would melt clear wax. We’d dip the leaves in wax.They’d stay beautiful for a long time. Sometimes we’d Scotch tape them to the windows.

My mother would also make molasses cookies. Molasses was high in iron, so she thought they were healthy. Or she’d make oatmeal cookies. There was always something when I came home from school as a treat.

Those exciting new clothes from the beginning of the school year weren’t feeling so new any more. They seemed old already.

It was a time to adjust to doing more inside things, knowing that winter was coming.