The Wayback Machine: One Life, Live It!


This quote says it all.

My guide, Fred, had a great sense of humor. And he had a great love of all the animals in the park under his protection.

I had an interesting insight into Africa, not just as a safari tourist. Yes, we were on safari, but it was more of a learning experience. IFAW sponsored the trip. They are very committed to saving animals all over the world.

It was truly wonderful to meet people who understand that all animals need protection, especially those endangered. Rhinos and elephants are  being slaughtered for horns and tusks.  It’s a huge problem in all of Africa. When the animals begin migration, they don’t understand that they are crossing borders into countries that don’t respect them or have laws against poaching.

It’s more than just an animal rights issue. It’s a criminal problem with cartels running poaching trips into the jungle.

Many people are trying to save these species, but it is a monumental task. If all countries and people don’t agree to comply, species such as the elephant and the rhino will be extinct.

I was privileged to travel with such a select group of IFAW connections.