The Wayback Machine — PEM Opening of the Georgia O’Keeffe: Art, Image, Style Exhibit

O’Keeffe Opening PEM

I promised to share the opening of the exhibit at PEM a few weeks ago, when I wrote about the inspirations of her work and the pieces I created for the store.

Well, let me tell you, getting there was an adventure unto itself! It has snowed earlier in the day, and was icy. We used GPS, which was a big mistake. Between the GPS sending us the wrong, long way around to Salem up from Cape Cod, and the traffic, it took us more than three hours.


Lynne and Judith

But we got there, and we had such a lovely time! There was beautifully-catered food, and it was wonderful to spend time with my good friend Lynne Francis-Lunn and her co-worker Stacy. And everyone looks so wonderful modeling the pieces! It was great to see Judith Davis, who modeled my pieces for the store.

As always, Lynne had a lot of beautiful and unusual items in the store. I shopped!  I bought two pairs of Trippen boots. I can’t wear them now, but I’m looking forward to the ice and snow melting, when it makes sense to show them off.


I bought a necklace that looks like it’s bullet-casings decorated with crystals. Which I wore to several parties the weekend after the opening, garnering plenty of compliments.




I can never say enough about how wonderful the PEM store is. Lynne finds pieces that are clever and wonderful. That place is always a pleasure.


Lynne (l) and Brenda (r)

The exhibit itself was amazing. The curation is beautiful, and the eye to detail and how the art and the wardrobe pieces and the rest are juxtaposed are wonderful. Lynne recommended the novel Georgia by Dawn Tripp to me. I finished it just before the exhibit opened. I’m so glad I did. It was fascinating for me to see the works after reading the novel, which depicted the relationship with her husband and how she ended up in New Mexico. O’Keeffe was such an interesting person, not just for her time, but for any time. Even today, she would have been considered avant-garde.

She didn’t care what the public wanted; she created the art she wanted and needed to create. She kept her integrity. I really admire her for that.





Brenda at the Cactus Wall




Reading the book made the exhibit more personal for me. There’s a personal connection anyway, since my husband is related to O’Keeffe. If I hadn’t read the book before attending the exhibit, I double I would have had the same appreciation for the show.







The show runs until April 1, 2018, at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. If you get the chance, go and see it. It’s an amazing experience and worth the trip.

But skip the GPS and use a map!  🙂