The Wayback Machine — Sneak Peek at the Spring 2018 Collection!



Ocean Reef, Oyster, Fresh Catch

I’m delighted to share a sneak peek of the Spring 2018 collection with you. We’ve got the styles and colors you love, along with new prints and patterns.  We’ve added netting and chiffon to some pieces. Others are in linen. We have new textures.  But everything mixes and matches, so you can add new pieces to your own Cupcake collection, and they’ll work with the pieces you already own.

The Oyster jacket, vest, long vest, and crop top and favorites of mine. I love the pattern, and adding the pearl is a touch of both elegance and humor.

The Electricity Jacket is a great new pattern. Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla would be proud!

Our cotton knit dresses have some fresh, fun patterns, including the Dino Dress (both short and long), the Pick-Up Sticks dress, and patterns such as the Eyeglass and the City.

We’ve added inspirational quotes to the inside of some of the pieces. When you pick up the piece to put it on, it gives you a surprise for the day, it will make you happy, or give you courage.


For example, in our Electricity pieces, we use:


Never let anyone dim your talent!

The physical Oz store is closed right now. But when we re-open in the spring, you’ll be able to buy these pieces in person.

You can shop our apparel here on the Oz website, or on our Etsy Site all year round.

You can also sign up for our newsletter here, and you’ll know as soon as the Spring pieces are available for purchase.

I’m so excited to share these with you!


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