The Wayback Machine — The Locket




I love lockets. Does anyone even know what they are anymore?


Lockets  have a long and interesting history. They were used to hold keepsakes, perfumes, photos, love letters, even locks of hair.


In Thailand, people are cremated. The ashes are often put in a piece similar to a locket, and the family wears it.

When I was in third grade, I found a box of jewelry. I brought it home. My mom said, “No one throws things like that away.” We called the police, and we had to take the box down to the police station.

The story behind the found box of jewelry was that a woman was robbed. The box I found had the things the thief got rid of or didn’t think he could sell.

As a thank you, the woman sent me a $25 check in a gold locket. I learned that doing the right thing got rewarded.

I still have the locket.