The Wayback Machine — Valentine Memories


I like a day that celebrates love.

I never seem to get Christmas cards out. But I send Valentine’s Day cards to people who send me Christmas cards. Not many people get Valentine’s Day cards anymore.

When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day cards were a big deal in school. I gave everyone in my class a Valentine. I wouldn’t even consider not including everyone. I even gave one to Jimmy, who used to wear a necktie to school and one day tied it so tightly the teacher had to cut it off him.



Anyone who knows me knows my love of candy. My father, who wasn’t a particularly demonstrative person, always gave my mother and me a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. I always loved those little candies with the sayings on them. They tasted awful, but I liked them anyway.


Red and pink are my favorite colors. I even like them together. My front door is painted pink.



One year, I had a “Vallo Eve” Party, the night before Valentine’s Day. There were these huge icicles on the front of the house. I tied big pink bows on them. We had heart-shaped ravioli. There were heart-shaped beets in the salad. It was a wonderful dinner. People are out of the habit of celebrating in a way that’s fun.


I’ve often been in Thailand for Valentine’s Day. Once, my associate Yai and I were in the market all day, all hot and sweaty. We bought these shirts with big hearts on them. We went to a fancy dinner at our hotel with ice sculptures and all these well-dressed couples  and there we were in our tee shirts with hearts.  They showed this movie, I don’t remember what it was, but it was completely wrong for Valentine’s Day. In between, there was a singer performing pop tunes. The singer sang in English — badly — although she didn’t speak a word of English or understand what she sang.

Another Valentine’s Day, not that long ago, I was in a beautiful restaurant with Nittiya, another of my associates. This was a romantic setting, with all these Thai couples. But they weren’t talking to each other. They were all on their cell phones. Not relating to each other at all. I found it very disturbing.

I’ve often flown on Valentine’s Day. For some reason, I’ve found it easy to get a flight on that day. I talk to my seat mates, and ask them if they’ve gotten anything for their wife or girlfriend. They usually say no and then get the lecture about how they have to bring something back with them.

I have lots of heart-shaped jewelry. And lockets. I love lockets. Next week, I’ll talk about one of my favorite lockets.